Peggy O probably qualifies as a lifelong masochist.  She trained as a ballet dancer in her youth and still occasionally shows up in a ballet studio.  She has also developed an avid love of rock climbing to go along with a passion for skiing and sailing.  And when she is feeling truly and deeply masochistic, she goes out and plays golf. 

She identifies as a bisexual switch and has a strong preference for impact scenes.  She enjoys teaching and has taught both relationship and  BDSM technique classes in the United States and Canada.

She lives in Denver, Colorado.  

Peggy has been involved in the lifestyle for about 12 years, 7 of which were spent as a slave in Master/slave relationships.  She was the first, and last, New York Leatherwoman and competed at IMsL in 1999.  She has also been active in a number of organizations, including TES and The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

She spent the past almost five years as an uchideshi (live-in student) in FifthAngel's house studying Budo, a Japanese life philosophy.  That time was incredible in many way.  It was painful, challenging, rewarding and transformative on many, many levels.  She has a huge amount of respect and admiration for FifthAngel and cannot express the gratitude she feels for the opportunities and teaching he has given her.

As time has gone on, she has figured out that the longer she spends doing this, the less she really knows.


Over the years she has published various articles on BDSM in Prometheus magazine, some of which are included here.

Basic Math: Adding to a Poly Relationship-An article on integrating new people into an existing relationship.

Structural Dynamics-An article on how people structure relationships and figuring out how to find someone whose structural preferences match your own.

Erotic Pain: A Bottom's Perspective-Peggy's views and experience of pain in SM scenes.


Peggy has taught classes at such events as Thunder in the Mountains, Black Rose and TES Fest.  A list of her classes with descriptions is available. 

Peggy can be reached by email at


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