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by Peggy O


Technique Classes

Wax Play-introduction
Wax Play-advanced
Combined Fire and Wax play Hands On
Fire Play-introduction
Temporary Piercing-introduction
Playing with Fear
"And Me Without my Toybag..........." a class on taking everyday things that you might have in a handbag or briefcase and turning them into toys.

Relationship Topics

Spirituality and BDSM

This class discusses giving and receiving sensation as facilitation for spiritual experiences.  The theory of using pain, immobilization and/or sensory deprivation for creating altered states as well as the use of ritual and liturgy for structure is explored.  Also discussed is the anatomy of a ritual and how to create one.

How Big is My Bed

This class discusses polyamorous relationships.  We will talk about various structures of relationships and styles of alternative family structures.  We will also discuss hot button issues such as jealousy, time management and integration of new partners into a relationship.

24/7 Power Exchange Relationships

This class explores Ds relationships where the power exchange is “always on”.  We will talk about how people keep relationships fresh and vibrant in a power imbalanced structure.  Ways of maintaining the dynamic on a daily basis will be explored, as well as how to deal with difficulties that can arise such as resentment, “acting out” behavior and dealing with conflict in an effective manner.  Also discussed will be ways of working through trust issues that can block deepening of the relationship.

How Many Frogs do I have to Kiss? - an Interactive Ds Compatibility Assessment

This is an interactive workshop designed to help participants identify what their wants, needs and what their expectations are for themselves and potential partners in a Ds relationship.  Using a grid approach, we will explore where we see various relationship roles and styles (ie. sub, slave, bottom, top, dom, etc.) fitting into our lives as a whole.  Whereas many times we focus on Ds interests only, as evidenced by the many checklists out there on play interests, we tend to forget to check simple things like if we share similar recreational interests or like the same movies.  We will look at how people see their vanilla lives intersecting in a Ds relationship and where the various parts fit in. Too often we don't look upfront at simple but important aspects of daily life. Let's face it - folks rarely ask at the beginning of a relationship things like "If I am your slave, whose parents do we see at Thanksgiving?"  This is a valuable workshop for both people seeking and for people who are in relationships but want to see various methods for communicating on a real world, real situation basis.

Those Pesky Switches - Explaining the Psychology of Switching

Who are these people anyway?  Can’t they make up their minds?  Are they confused?   Incapable of having a “real” relationship?  Aren’t they just “players?”  These are things that people ask about switches all the time.  This class will explore the dynamics of switching both within and outside of committed relationships.  We will also talk about exploring switching, how to negotiate a switch scene, the mindset of switches and how they manage their relationships.  This is an interactive class with group input strongly encouraged.


Rebuilding the Self - Healing after a Ds Relationship

This is a class for both dominants and submissives. When a Ds relationship ends, both doms and subs can feel purposeless and lost. A sub has the challenge of reshifting their primary focus from someone else to themselves and assuming decision-making responsibilities that may be new. A dominant has the challenge of rethinking their decision making process with a refocus on their own priorities without the mitigating presence of another to consider. This class will talk about the grieving process and outline effective coping methods and ideas on how to restructure one's life without encountering pitfalls such as rebound relationships.

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